COVID-19 Information

During this uncertain time, NDCA will do their best to help members and guide them through as much as possible. Any information gathered about the virus and the impact on all the counselors in the state will go here. Please see the information we have obtained thus far. Remember, this information is subject to change at ANY time.

Telehealth Information (PDF)

Executive Order (PDF)

Free telehealth training from PESI - (use code- TELEFREE)

Here is some information from ASCA and ACA: 

Message from ACA: "We understand this global pandemic means significant changes to how you are fulfilling your professional responsibilities.
During times like this, counselors play a crucial role in sharing accurate public information, and in helping clients maintain perspective while providing methods of coping and continuing their wellness strategies.”

ASCA COVID-19 Resources
ASCA has put together some suggestions and resources to consider as you provide support to your students regarding COVID-19. Before you take any action, consult with your district to discover any guidance or response initiatives it has in place, so your actions align with school and district programs. School counselors also should:
·         Encourage parents to limit their children's exposure to the media
·         Provide a calming influence for students as needed
·         Help students address their fears

Addiction information regarding COVID-19:

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